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Easter Pets
Monday, March 14, 2016- By Staff

I must confess it's tempting to add a cute little bunny, chick or duckling to the Easter basket.  However, to do so may not be legal or even the right thing to do.

The horrible truth is, these unfortunate animals are not expected to survive long beyond Easter Tides, those that do create some interesting problems for their pet parents.  Let's examine a few . . .

Chicks and duckling droppings smell bad and the larger they get the worse it gets.  If you've ever driven within miles of a duck farm, well you get the idea. 

Amazingly it isn't illegal to sell these animals, especially at Easter time, it's simply illegal to own chickens and ducks unless you already live on a farm.

Owning a chicken or duck in most cities and towns is illegal as is the keeping of farm animals and poultry.  When it's time to move the present into the back yard, the neighbors will likely drop a dime on you so as not to be living next to a barnyard.

Even children know animals need to eat.  It isn't easy to find antibiotics, cracked corn, scratch and vitamins for baby chicks and ducks in an area without a market for ranch supplies.  You may get away with high quality whole grain bread while they are small, those that survive into teenagers will need to eat often.

Full size chickens and ducks are no joke, especially in an apartment. 

While cute, bunnies are not cats and do not live in a civilized manner among humans.  They require a hutch cage where they will live out their lives waiting for attention.  Unlike a litter pan their dropping fall through the wire floor portion of the hutch onto whatever you have under the hutch (large pan) or the floor of the privacy hiding place area to be swept out daily.

Your child will most likely come to ignore these pets, yet profess a great love countering any suggestion fluffy go live on a farm.  When the animal becomes ill, you will be expected to take the pet to the vet and run up a big bill.

Do everyone a favor and skip the Easter pet, you'll be glad you did.


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