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Sugar Gliders
Saturday, March 12, 2016- By Staff

Sugar Gliders are a type of flying marsupial possum from Australia, think flying squirrel with a pouch. 

There are two schools of thought regarding Sugar Gliders, mainly: OMG that is the cutest thing I've ever seen, versus ick! Kind of like when Northerners learn the giant Florida palmetto bugs (think roaches) featured in the movie Joe's Apartment, can fly.

For those of us who love that cute little pink possumie nose, there are some issues to consider before making a Sugar Glider pair members of the family.

Like a possum Sugar Gliders are nocturnal.  While some animals have a choice to be nocturnal like cats, foxes and raccoons, Sugar Gliders can't really see well in the bright light of day.  If you're a day person, this is not a pet for you as it will sleep in bright light.

Sugar Gliders are social animals that do not do well on their own, you will need at least two, same sex from the same litter, if you don't want to breed them. 

Sugar Gliders fly, well actually they glide like a well thrown paper airplane as they climb to a height and launch themselves at their target of juicy bug or fruit treat.  In a house full of hard corners this can result in serious damage because . . .

Sugar Gliders are very very fragile, their tiny hands similar to those on a hedgehog or spider monkey are not meant to interact at high speed with household items harder then twigs and leaves.

If Sugar Gliders are legal in your state you will be hard pressed to find a vet wanting to see your pet, knowledgeable in how to help them beyond boy scout first aid.  If illegal you will be relegated to the Sugar Glider forums on the web for anecdotal information and what supplies you can purchase without prescription.

Being night flyers, Sugar Gliders can be lured by shiny objects especially water, they often land in the tub or toilet, can't climb out and drown.  If you share the house with people who can not be 100% trusted to make sure the Sugar Gliders are in their cage before running the tub and that the lid is down before letting them out, forgetaboutit.

For the right pet parent, Sugar Gliders can be a sweet unique pet.  I suggest spending time at the forum conversing with people that raise them before deciding to purchase one.  Too many specialty animals are sold to people who find them cute without serious consideration of meeting their special nutritional requirements such as meal worms and crickets you do not want loose in your house.

If you really need a pet that can almost fly, get a cat. 


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